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Things you can do to survive asthma attack without an inhaler.You will be wondering how, take a look

Asthma attack is not what you expect but it can occur at any time.If you are not with your inhaler you might have lost your life before getting to the hospital.In this article I will be showing you how an asthmatic patient can survive without an inhaler.

These are some things you can do to prevent asthma attack.

1. Sit up straight

Many people will be unable to lay down when they are suffering from the attack without an inhaler. You have to seat straight so that its will enable it to open your airways and allows your lungs to take in as much air. Sit up straight and avoid lying down so that its won't make it worst.

2. Drink a hot tea or coffee

Its clear some of the symptoms. If you have a loved ones that is suffering from the attack without an inhaler. Try to let the person sip the hot tea or coffee, make sure its goes down the person throat its will open the airways and get some relief.

3.Remain calm and steady your breathing

During the attack try to remain calm as you can. You must not panic, stress yourself too much, because it will get worsen. You will try to take slow and steady breaths during your attack.

4.Move away from smoke and dust

In a situation, whereby someone is smoking beside you, you inhale the cigarette smoke or dust try to get away from there and move to another location. If you are unable to move away from there, so that you will not to get the attack, try breathing through your shirt to get the air you receive to be the best of your ability.Try not to expose your chest out.

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