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He is kid not an old man, but see what this disease has turned his body into

Almost Every parent believes their child is the most talented and unique kid out there. That's just how parents are. But in today's article we would like to talk about truly about this extraordinary child that everyone considers unique. Simply hearing his story, talking and listening to him or sometimes even looking at him is enough to see that. Wanna know more about this kid who looks like a very old man, but in reality he is only a kid? Well then read to the end!

Bayezid Hossain

This kid (Bayezid Hossain) has been born old as a result of a disease called progeria he ages at 8 times the normal rate. It's a genetic disease that cause human body and it's internal organs to age very quickly.The disease is extremely very rare, only about 1 person in 18 million has it, and Bayezid was one of the unlucky few. The boy lives with his mother in the south of Bangladesh in the city of Maguru. And it's pretty smart for his age, but the problem is he doesn't go to school and doesn't even get the opportunity to play with other children at home, that is because most of his pairs are afraid of an old looking child, you can understand how painful it most be to him and his dear mother. What a pity!

Bayezid apperance is very strange his body and his face are covered with crumpled skin, he has ageing joints problem,difficulties passing urine, sagging skin, hollow eyes, and some of his teeth are already fallen out, and in general the boy looks like a tiny old man.At the same time according to his mother she said the boy is very clever, but he looks like an old man ''as a first time mother, I can't bear the pain of seeing my child like this''. But unfortunately there is no cure for the disease well not at the time being but may be in the future. catch sight with more pictures of this unique kid.

Don't you feel sorry for the kid, and the mother whom the child is her first son? Before you take your leave kindly share, and follow up for more mind-blowing, and heartwarming articles like this everyday. Thanks and catch us up later for a new release.

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