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Moyo Lawal Says "She Can Jump As High As She Wants" (Photos)

Jumping is part of Exercise that also helps to improve the flexibility of the body. Most times, we use it to elevate our moods and wake up muscles and joints. There are mostly four different types of jumping such as High jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault. All these are beneficial to the body, so the one to choose depends on choice. One might even decide to be taking them one after the other.

We have so many benefits associated with Jumping, below are some them:

1) It helps the cardiovascular system and other organs in the body to function well.

2) Just like other types of exercise, it aids weight loss.

3) It coordinates Limbs movement.

4) It relieves stress.

5) When one jumps, more calories are burnt and the metabolism of the body improves.

In line with this, our very own actress Moyo Lawal has taken to her Instagram page to show off herself working out this morning. She is engaged in High jump, and according to her "she could go as high as she wants to jump". This is commendable. It's all about determination. Always set your mind on the goal and go for the best.

Moyo is an actress who is always seen keeping her fans up to date with her daily happenings, just like she is showing off her morning workout today.

See photos below:

Photo credit: Instagram

Content created and supplied by: Channy (via Opera News )

Moyo Lawal


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