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Remember These Cartoons You Watched As a Child?

When I was still little, I would always stay around by the tv just waiting for 'Dino squad' to start, lol. But then that's how I just woke up one day and could not find the channel again. The pain I felt that day eh!

I know that many of us are familiar with kidsco, because if you tell me someone doesn't know about it I wouldn't believe. From great cartoon to great shows they had it all but unfortunately had to stop airing for some reasons. I'm sure you all will remember some of this shows.


After a meteor carrying organisms that evolve at a very quick rate crashes into Arizona and began to evolve into monsters, a team of scientist, The Alienators, must eliminate all of them before they destroy all lives on earth.

Dino squad

The show was about five teenagers who found out they had the powers to turn into dinosaurs. With the help of their science teacher, they try to stop Victor, who wants to return the world back to the dinosaur's age. This has always been my best.


Cyberchase! I can never forget this. This world is made of talking numbers and letters and there is always the villain , Cracker.

Rescue heroes

Rescue heroes centers on a group of rescue personnel who aims to save lives around the world from both natural and man-made disaster.

Sonic underground

Sonic, mania and Sonia continue their fight against Dr Robotnik to bring peace to mobius and find their mother.

Monster by mistake

Remember that boy who turns into a monster anytime he sneezes?

Sadly kidsco stopped airing. But I hope you enjoy this.

Thanks for reading!

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Arizona Victor


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