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I Bathed With Scent Leaf Water And This Happened: True Life Story

My name is Miriam, based in Lagos and married with five kids. I'm the kind of woman who has principles and don't believe in anything other than prayers for any problem. Though I have seen some of my friends make use of things like salt, sand, candles etc to pray, I never believed in such things. For me I believed all one needed to do was pray to God and he would answer your prayers.

Anyways, all these changed after my experience with a strange body itching and peppering. I call it strange because it suddenly started and for no good reason. I always ensure I take my bath twice a day and maintained good personal hygiene. At first I thought it was a normal occurrence which will pass but it didn't. The itchiness and peppery sensation on my body didn't go away but worsened instead. I tried everything I could, applying creams I got from a chemist but still no positive change.

One day, I went to visit a friend of mine and it happened to be that her pastor came on a visit too. As we discussed he asked me if I was having any skin problem and I told him yes, though it started just recently. He told me to prepare a pot of boiled scent leaf water and use it to bath when I get home and he gave me some Psalms to pray too. Though I was a bit sceptical about it, not believing in the efficacy of these things I still did as I was told. I bought scent leaf, boiled it and used it to take my bath after praying.The next morning I woke up to find little pieces of bones on my bed. I couldn't tell where they came from as I made my bed very well the night before. I also noticed there was no itchiness and burning sensation on my skin which always accompanies my waking up. Immediately, I called the pastor and told him everything. He told me that God has saved me as my enemies sent it to make life miserable for me. After that day I never doubted the efficacy of prayer materials. They are real and they work.

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Lagos Miriam True Life Story


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