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Heart Touching: See What a Barber Did to a Mentally Challenged Man That Would Amaze You

It occured to me that most mentally challenge individuals such as those mad men or women you do see at your bus-stops or street are not really mad/insane. Most of them tend to roam the street because of various life challenges, financial instability, family problems, frustration, depression and lack of care from family members.

According to report, it was gathered that a particular homeless man who roam the street has witnessed a great transformation after a generous barber decided to give him a nice hair cut because his hairs and beards have really over grown. His transformation was so captivating as his photos left social media users in shock.

 It was further stated that the man who appears to be mentally challenge has been homeless for morethan two decades. This makes the man look so unkept after his hairs and beards has really over grown. The man’s depressing state and economic challenge left him with no choice than to seek help on the street.

 In a recent post trending on social media, a particular user with name Unapologetically Black posted two collage photos of the man where he was still putting on a tattered clothes with busy hairs and beards and a newly transformed individual. He made a statement saying that life finally smiled on the man after years of so much suffering and neglect from society and loved ones.

See photos below:


The photo shows the man in extremely tattered clothes in the frame on the left while the other shows him completely transformed after receiving a makeover.

 The post reads:

''This man has been homeless for 20 years and a barber decided to give him a makeover for Father’s Day’’ 


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