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My 3 days dry fast: How I did mine.

3days Dry fast is one in which you do not eat or drink anything for 72hrs. Yes, you read right. 3days equals 72hours of nothing entering into your mouth.


1.SOFT FAST: During a soft fast, you can have your bath, brush your teeth and splash water onto your face and hair.

2. HARD FAST: For a dry fast , not one drop of water is allowed on your skin or in your mouth. So no bathing , showering, brushing of one's teeth and no contact with water of any amount.

So, what do you do during a 3days dry fast?

You spend time praying, reading The Bible, listening to edifying songs, reduce or cut down on TV watching, restrict your internet usage, be apart from people so as not to be angered or tempted, no sex or masturbation and no getting into a fight or argument. Also, no smoking, nor sniffing drugs nor chewing of gum.

In your still and quietness, you will have some words drop into your heart. Pray with those words . They may also be instructions. Please note them down.

The first day of my fast, I was strong. By the second day my strenght was failing. Luckily, I had someone assist in cooking and caring for my family. By the 3rd day I was dizzy so I spent the better part of day resting, lying down and praying.

I prayed on my back as I didn't have the strenght to go on my kneess anymore. I woke up at about 3am to pray though still lying down.

On the third day I switched to partial hard fast out of weakness. I washed my hands though.


I broke my fast at some minutes to 9pm with a bottle of water I had been praying into on the night of the third day. I took a sip, swished it in my mouth and drank it. I had blended pineapple, whole lemon, cloves, tumeric into a bottle and i started taking it immediately after I took the water. I took the smoothie in small measures.

Please do not rush into eating heavy foods. Go into them slowly for your health not to be impaired or compromised. Take water in small portions every 30minutes. Rushing intake of water has landed some in the hospital.

If you are going to work or doing strenuous activity, be careful and listen to what your body is telling you. Maybe you should consider taking days off when you are embarking on a dry fast .

You have to spend time praying , reading the word and meditating on the word. I chose to pick more scriptures from the book of Psalms though.


My skin felt dry and my throat was parched. I read that once you feel dizzy you must get some water into your system. I was weak but managed to do some light housework.

I reduced my talktime on the phone. Logged off Facebook because that is where my distraction would be higher. I checked Twitter,IG and Nairaland though.

I surfed the internet to get what to write on OperaNews. I felt a bit guilty but quickly got out of that guilt afterall I had to earn.

Do not jump into a dry fast , take it one day at a time by gradually reducing your food intake.

That is how I embarked on and completed my 3days fast. I hope to do it more often, maybe a one day dry fast done weekly.

I hope this inspires someone or people to develop a spiritual habit of praying and fasting. May miracles and change come into our lives in Jesus name.

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