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Why You Should Stop Eating Frozen Chicken And Turkey According To Experts.

These days, we get to see and hear a lot of warning news that relates to our health. Just recently, the National Agency For Food And Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC), warned everyone to stay away from frozen poultry products and other food items preserved with formalin. 

The medical body also warned business owners to stop selling frozen foods due to the various health challenges and hazards it might cause for people. In this article, I'll be talking about 3 reasons to avoid buying frozen chicken and turkey. See them below;

1. According to the health body and numerous experts in the medical field, formalin is a very poisonous chemical that is used in the mortuary to preserve dead bodies. And that same substance is what is being used to preserve these frozen food products like chicken, turkey and others. Imagine the kind of damage formalin could cause to a real life living person if it preserves a dead person's body. 

2. Most of the frozen chicken and turkey is also smuggled into the country despite the ban by the federal government a few years ago. Anything that has been banned by the Federal government has probably been tested and proven to cause some certain kind of harm and threats to the health of the good citizens of Nigeria, however most people choose to ignore this ban and early warning. 

3. The formalin chemical used in preserving these frozen foods by business owners can lead to throat swelling and chemical burns in the lungs, especially if taken excessively. Off course, most people can not do without eating chicken and turkey and those kind of people are exposed to more dangers. 

We hope that people would stop eating frozen chicken and turkey for the safety of their health. Please share this post to others.

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