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Foods That Help Reduce Menstrual Cramp

Cramps is the pain associated with your menstrual cycle. it is caused by mainly heavy flow, passing of blood clots and uterine fibroids. painful menstruation is also called dysmenorrhea. 

Excess intake of sweets and sugary substances can increase your period cramps, it makes your period erratic and painful . .

Food that helps with period cramps 

Water . first it is important to always stay hydrated. so when you are on your period always take lukewarm water not cold water to also keep your body hydrated. then you have to consume lot of veggies and fruits as they are rich with vitamins that will help energize your body and protect your cells. Then eat lots of salmon fish they are filled with lots of Omega 3 that help reduce inflammation. 

dark chocolate. yes you heard right. dark chocolate are filled with magnesium that helps a lot with the inflammation that occurs with your menstrual cycle. dark chocolate and oats are great source of magnesium and help lift your mood when you are on your period. so when next you are having your menstrual cycle , always remember to have a bar of dark chocolate beside you and a warm bowl of oats will do the trick.

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