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Natural Cure of Insomnia (Sleepless night)

What is insomnia:

Insomnia means difficult falling asleep or staying awake for a longer time at night. Most adults experience insomnia than the young people . Individuals with insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep and the effect is devastating. But if the duration of the problem last longer , the person is adviced to seek medical help.

Causes of insomnia:


Excess alcohol.

Mental health problem.

Eating late at night or over eating.

Fever and pain.




How can insomnia be prevented:

Adequate exercise.

Make your bedroom conducive to sleep.

Avoid coffee at night.

Limit the way you take alcohol.

Get adequate rest.

Adequate balance diet.

Drink enough water.

Natural Treatment for insomnia:

Bitter leaf:

Squeeze bitter leaf with water and drink full glass once every night.


Dried Mistletoe:

One handful of dried powdered mistletoe in boiling water and take one full glass daily at night.

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