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Read The Reactions Of Many People Concerning The Medicine That India Donated To Nigeria (Opinion).

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India donated medicine to Nigeria in order to fight the nova corona. It will be of great help because the number of cases are increasing every blessed day. Nigeria is a great country indeed. There are many talented people that can work harder in order to come up with the right medicine to cure the pandemic.

Many people are blaming the government for collecting the medicine from India. This is because India have many cases of the pandemic than our country. So why not face their own problem?

All boarders were closed so that we can be reliant. In this case, medicines should not be allowed also.

Many people are thinking that something is surely behind this. Because just like that they can't consider us first while they are still having many cases.

If you read carefully, you will see the opinion of many people concerning the donations.

Do you think that collecting the medicine donated by India is a good decision. Don't forget that Nigeria is blessed with everything.

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