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"The Danger Of using split for lubrication during lovemaking" - Dr Aproko

Aproko doctor is an online doctor popularly known for his amazing health tips and wonder teaching about humanity. He is dedicated to teaching and giving more enlightening to people concerning their general health care. This morning, the online doctor came up with something sensitive and important about our s€xual life. Going through my Twitter page this morning, I came across this wonderful post by the online doctor.

His tweets goes like this;

"Some people spit on to their hands and use it to lubricate the passage during s£×.

Stop it.

STDs like Herpes can be transmitted by doing that, even if a condom is used.

Get a water based lubricant. Buy one. 

Spit is not a lubricant."

An adage says; "To be forewarned is to be forearmed". STDs are real, it can kill and it has been killing people for many years now. Always make sure you always take good care of yourself and avoid action to can put your health at risk. Remember health is wealth, there is nothing you can do in this life with the exception of good health. Your well-being is important inorder to achieve your purposes in life.

You can kindly share this with your friends and loved ones to create an awareness. Thanks for your time.

Stay safe.

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