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Nine (9) Good Reasons Why Nurses Make Better Wives Than Any Other Profession (OPINION)

Have you ever wondered why nurses possesses some certain characters and attitudes especially towards people? Alot of people say that nurses and compassionate and friendly people, of which I believe in to a certain degree. If you have been attended to in either a clinic or hospital you will understand what I am driving at. 

Nurses who are spread around different hospitals and medical facilities here in Nigeria tend to have a unique personality that differentiates from other ladies. You will agree with me that nurses do posses this friendly gestures towards their patients especially when they come with smiles and all that they do in order to persuaded a patient for the administration of drugs and injections.

It’s natural for nurses to be compassionate, caring and understanding. For these exact same traits, nurses are also considered to be great LIFE PARTNERS

Nurses naturally have many lovely personality traits that can be imperative in a happy marriage, such as being good communicators, compassionate, and judgment-free.

Whether at work or at home, nurses make people’s lives brighter. Their caring personalities at work are also a huge bonus at home —— especially if you’re lucky enough to be married to one! They are all over the place in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, PortHarcourt and various cities across Nigeria.

 From their medical capabilities to their emotional support, nurses are all-round amazing people to share your life with.

If you are still unconvinced about how great it is to be married to a nurse here are nine (9) good reasons to consider in getting married to a nurse as shared by Ikemsinachi Nwafor (Life Coach/Therapist).

Let me also conclude with this if you don't know, they’re fixers who love and support their partners while challenging them to improve and picking up the slack when they need help.

They come with the added bonus of being people who have learned to handle pressure very well. When you deal with life and death situations every day, you realize things normal couples fight about just aren’t a big deal.

So if you're considering get married look the way of these nurses, it's a sure bet you'd enjoy a fulfilling and illness-free marriage with strong support from them..

Feel free to add yours and share your opinions by dropping your comments...

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