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Lessons Nigeria must learn from covid19 era, concerning our dilapidated health institutions.

Nigeria houses one of the most speciallized and trained medical experts in the world. But come to our hospitals it's just like a place where people are incubated to death, it's just a pity. Travel to anywhere in the world, in the world's best hospitals you must see a Nigerian doctor or nurse in active service there, be it in US, UK, etc. But why are they not doing well here, just because of Government negligence to duty not providing the basic amenities needed to do well as it's in civilized world. Most shocking part is that when they travel to overseas for medical tourism, many of the doctors that treat and manage their health are the same Nigerian doctors that they rejected at home.Nigeria Government and politicians found it funny to travel out to cure headache than to fix our dilapidated hospitals. Even Nigeria's president is involved, when Mandela of South Africa was sick he was treated in his own country because they made it to the world's standard.

Covid19 is a great teacher to us if we are ready to learn where you can no longer travel out to seek medical help, because of travel restrictions. Many great Nigerians have died since lockdown because they can't seek medical help overseas. People like Abakari the chief of staff to president Buhari.likes of the Emir of kaura Namoda in Zamfara state,.

May 2, Emir of Rano in Kano state . On June 11, Tonimass the oil magnet and an lgbo billionaire died .

The former governor of Oyo state followed suit, Abiola Ajimobi . And many more we cannot mention here.But it doesn't mean that we shall not die, but there are preventable deaths when we're more equipt,if these men can die this way in this short while what if this lockdown should continue. What of the poor masses their own death toll is on thousands, mortuaries are rejecting corpses now.

Have we learn't any thing to begin to fix our dilapidated hospitals to world's standard, or are we waiting for total removal of restrictions on traveling to begin our medical tourism again.

Which way Nigeria.?

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Kingsley Ekechukwu.

kingswaves .

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