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3 Healthy Bedtime Drinks You Should Consider Before Going To Bed

When you sleep you lose your consciousness and your body take control of things. It has been proven that we have little control over what happens inside us when we sleep but that doesn't mean we can't influence what happens.

The food we eat and drink before we sleep is very important and we should make sure we don't consume junks before sleep. In this article, I will be listing out three drinks that we should consume before our sleep. These drinks have special nutrients in them that can help a resting body.

1. Water

This is honestly a no brainer. Without water, your body won't be able to run and when you drink water before sleep, it helps ease digestion and also ensures the body works smoothly. Water is like grease to the body's engine.

2. Red Wine

3. Yoghurt or any protein shake can help you with quality sleep.

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Red Wine Yoghurt


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