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2 Major Types Of Food You Should Avoid Giving Children To Help Them Stay Healthy

Children being very young and tender can't be compared to we adults in the way their body system functions as some organs of their body are not yet fully developed on strong. This is why extra care and attention should be given to the health of children as their bodies cannot withstand or cope with some of the health issues and challenges being faced by adults.

Since children are still growing and foods are eaten strongly affects their growth and development, the selection of foods to be consumed by children should be carried out carefully and with adequate knowledge as given the young lads, the wrong kind of food at this point of their life at which they are growing can be of very bad effect to their health and growth.

Below are 2 major types of food you should avoid giving children to help them stay healthy.

1) Salty Or High-Sodium Foods:-

These kinds of food are foods with very high salt content and have grown to be very common in recent times including foods such as salted nuts, smoked or salted meat, and fish, bread, rolls, pizza, cheese, bacon, sausage, and chips with added salt. High salt intake in children can lead to several health issues and diseases that would affect their health badly since their body system is still very tender and reacts to slight system-level changes easily.

These foods should not be given to children to avoid an increase in their salt level and to help them stay healthy.

2) Sugary Foods:-

This is another kind of food that should not be given to any child who is to stay healthy. Just like salty foods these foods now instead contain very high sugar content and includes foods like candy, cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, doughnuts, and sugar-sweetened drinks as well as other foods containing a large quantity of sugar. Excessive sugar during childhood is very unhealthy as it may cause consistent cravings as the child gets older, making the child consume more sugar and suffer the risk. of health issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol level, and blood pressure.

Source:- NHS

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