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4 Reasons Why You Should Remove White Rice and Bread From Your Diet When you Clock 60

White rice and bread is one of the most common types of foods eaten around the country. Many people consume white rice and bread because it is easily available and can he eaten by almost everyone.

Although White Rice and Bread is an easily available food around the country, it also has some age group which it is perfect for and some of which it is not for.

When a person is young, he/she needs more of carbohydrate, protein and sugar to be filled with energy and grow but when a person clock the age of 60, bread becomes bad for the body.

In this article, I am going to be talking about 4 reasons why you should remove white rice and bread from your diet when you clock 60.

1. It is high in Sugar

Bread is a well known for its high sugar content. Overtime research has recommended that you reduce intake of sugar and sugar is the major component of bread.

Eating large quantities of bread could lead to increase in your blood sugar which could lead to Diabetes which is a major chronic disease.

At old age, your risk of diabetes increases tremendous, large quantities of sugar could lead to Diabetes.

2. It is high in calories

Bread and White Rice are another type of food rich in calories. Eating large quantities of bread or white rice could lead to Increase in weight or otherwise known as obesity.

Obesity on the other hand is a risk factor to Diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart related health conditions.

3. Bread is high in salt depending on the type

The type of bread plays a role in how salty a bread can be. High salt on the other hand could lead to high blood pressure which is a risk factor to other heart related issues which older people are more prone to.

4. Eating large quantities of rice could increase your risk of Diabetes

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