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FACE MASK: 3 Dangerous Mistakes That Can Get You Infected With COVID-19

Hold on! I think we are getting the whole idea about wearing a face mask wrong.

Firstly, face mask is not and should never be a part of your daily wear, i have seen people using their face masks the same they do with their normal clothing, which is very wrong.

More so face mask is not part of the "documents" you show to security agents to allow you continue to your destination, NO. You are not wearing it to protect them, you are wearing it to protect yourself.

Face mask is meant solely for the purpose of protection against airborne diseases such as COVID-19. You're not meant to play with it, touch it, or turn it into a daily clothing material that you can pick up anytime from your wardrobe and put it on. more so, you're not supposed to wear one face mask more than once.

I think Nigerians needs to take this issue about COVID-19 more seriously than ever.

Just recently, I was in a bus heading to town to get some groceries. While in the bus, more 70% of the passengers had their face mask in their hands without wearing it, I was a little bit surprised why they had to do that. The rest passengers that had their face mask on, drew it down to their neck level, exposing their mouths and nose which they were supposed to be covering with the face mask.

On approaching a police check point, suddenly they all started wearing their face masks, and by the time our bus got to where the police men were, every single passenger in the bus had their face mask on, which was funny, but in essence it wasn't it a joke.

I asked the person sitting close to me why he had to wear his mask when we were approaching the police check point, his reply was very funny, "forget those men, I am only wearing this face mask so I don't get embarrassed or extorted by those police men, we all know that COVID-19 is not in Nigeria" he said.

I was dumbfounded at his baseless claim, but I didn't try to convince him to change his view about COVID-19, because he looked dead sure of what he was saying, and I knew trying will only lead to an argument, which I dislike as a person.

This is also the case with many Nigerians today, we are not taking the issue of COVID-19 very seriously, and that is the number of people that are getting infected is getting higher everyday. Currently, my state has over a thousand cases of COVID-19, and my governor is currently receiving treatment in the COVID-19 Isolation center, (I don't want to mention any names).

This post is meant to enlighten you on dangerous mistakes you are making with your face masks that can get you infected with COVID-19.


First, face mask is a protective technique, and it's job is to keep viral particles from finding their way into your respiratory tract through your nostrils or mouth, by trapping the viral particle on its surface. This means that at any given time, there could be loads of virus on your face mask.

Hence, when you are wearing your face mask, you're not supposed to touch the surface, It is wrong and can get you infected. More so, you're not supposed to play with it, or take it off your face in a public environment.


This is also very wrong and dangerous. If you don't have the resources to use one face mask per time, then make sure you wash it each time you wear it, otherwise, you can get yourself infected the next time you try to put it on.


This also is wrong, and it is a very big mistake. Like I said in number one, there is a very high possibility that there are viral particles of COVID-19 on your face mask. Hence it is very risky, when you drop your face mask carelessly, because you will be cross contaminating your home.

What you must do to protect yourself is to get a hand sanitizer, or make arrangements for soap and water, along with a disinfecting bucket, and place it at the entrance of your house, so that each time you arrive from a public place, you can wash your hands first, before taking off your face mask, and dumping it into your disinfecting bucket to either throw it away, or wash it thoroughly for reuse. Please do not wear a face mask more than once. It is dangerous and can get you infected.

Here's a picture guide to help you understand it better.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )



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