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Facts you dont know about jute leaves (Ewedu)

Happy new week to all my readers. I hope you guys are staying safe over there? Good.

Jute leaves is called ewedu in Yoruba language. It is the vegetable that graces the plates of many dishes in a party. Jute leaves is essential for our health and it's important we include it in our food. Although there are several veggies out there but jute leaves is still the most cooked at home. It is rich in vitamin E, C and A

Facts about jute leaves

1. It helps to improve digestion

2. To cure eye diseases

3. It helps in reducing internal bleeding

4. To treat colds and flu

5. Jute leaves help to treat inflammation

6. To promote weight loss

7. Jute leave is essential for pregnant woman because it contains vitamins

8. In order to have an healthy teeth and gum,eat jute leaves regularly.

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Content created and supplied by: Motenifayoaderibigbe (via Opera News )

Yoruba ewedu


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