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Why you should never take excess kola nut.

Kola nut is a fruit of the kola tree mostly grown in the western part of Africa. Kola nut are used as religious object and sacred offering during prayers and significant life events, such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. Kola nut symbolizes hospitality, friendship, acceptance, peace and respect.

Although kolanut is beneficial to the body, it also has health effect because it's a small fruit packed with caffeine. It can also be abused of it intake to prevent sleep which is possible because of its rich caffeine content and when it's taken in excess it cause insomnia including other health related problems such as stomach irritation, nervousness, restlessness, sleepless nights and more.

So it's advised that if you must take kola nut, you must not take excess of it to be on the safer side.

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