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Fitness guru claims "we've been making big mistake when doing push-ups"

Fitness coach Sam Wood has disseminated the one common blunder people make when performing push-ups and said what we should be doing rather.

When it comes to obtaining in posture, there are a ton of things we can work out, from whacking the gym to going for a run or getting in the pool.

Most people wish to do practices like squats, planks or push-ups.

If you are a fan of the latter, we dislike to halt it to you, but seemingly you might have been creating a bit of a blunder.

Yes, according to health and fitness professional Sam Wood, we have been doing push-ups wrongly.

He has clarified that there's much further to the reasonable workout than you might originally think - and that's where people make a blunder.

Talking to, the ability coach said: "The hugest blunder people make is they try to do push-ups which they are not powerful enough to perform yet.

"Endeavoring to do push-ups on your toes and on the floor before you have the stability to do it generally comes out very badly.

"It is not helping you in any good and is just shutting you up via your shoulders and makes your shape really bad… it is just a catastrophe"

Wood proposes beginning to do push-ups on a degree you can deal with, such as with your hands on a high bench.

Once you've grasped this, you can change the bench for a sofa and then help your way to do push-ups on the ground.

He expands that it's reasonable to do push-ups on your toes, not on your knees as it will commit your core, rather of setting too much tension on your shoulders.

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