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Health Benefits Of Chewing Bitter Kola Regularly

According to WebMD, the bitter kola plant (Garcinia kola or bitter kolanut) can be found in both the eastern and western areas of Africa.

Bitter cola has been used for decades in Africa due to its therapeutic benefits, which include protection against bacterial and viral diseases. Facilitating digestion is one of the benefits it offers.

As a plant, it tastes as good as its reputation suggests. The edible seeds have a flavor that is both sweet and distinctly bitter. Many scientific research have revealed that bitter colas are packed with essential nutrients like carbs, lipids, protein, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, and caffeine.

WebMD reports the following positive effects from consuming bitter kola nuts.

In Chinese medicine, bitter kola is considered an aphrodisiac for its ability to stimulate desire and enhance sexual performance. Use bitter kola as a tea ingredient. Individuals who are certain of their sexual abilities may find that a few sips of bitter cola are all it takes to get them going. Why not give it a shot? What do you have to lose?

Bitter kola has shown promise as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is one form of arthritis that can cause pain that is anything from mildly irritating to debilitating. Articular cartilage and the underlying bone are degraded, causing pain and stiffness in the affected joints. This is most noticeable in the hip, knee, and thumb. Osteoarthritis can be triggered in a variety of ways, such as by joint trauma, obesity, age, or genetic predisposition.

Researchers from the University of Obafemi Awolowo in Nigeria found that those who drank bitter cola had significantly less inflammation and pain than those who drank regular cola. In addition to easing pain, the plant also increases the patient's joint mobility.

The seeds and leaves of bitter cola contain compounds with antibacterial properties, according to research published in the Scientific Journal of Microbiology. The bitter kola plant has been shown to be effective as an antibiotic in tests against a wide range of pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Salmonella typhi, and Escherichia coli. The antibacterial effects of the extract were attributed to bioactive components such tannins and saponins.

Scientists have concluded that bitter kola helps lung function and enhances airflow based on their combined research with a variety of Nigerian colleges. Several studies have found that bitter kola extracts help reduce asthma symptoms, suggesting they may have a prophylactic role in avoiding this lung disease.

Bitter kola nuts have been the subject of numerous scientific investigations, suggesting they may have an immune-boosting impact.

Bitter kola is loaded with antioxidants, which quell free radicals and stop their corrosive effects. The body generates free radicals in a variety of natural ways, including through exercise and a strong immune system. Yet, environmental stresses such as smoking cigarettes, spending time in the sun, or breathing polluted air can all result in free radical production.

DNA and cell membranes are particularly vulnerable to free radical damage. There is no doubt that antioxidants play a significant role in preserving the health of the immune system and other fundamental biological functions. A strong immune system makes it much easier to prevent sickness and stay well.

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