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This is a poetry about the girl child

Ripped soul, only my face show

'gudup gudup'

My heart fears, what they call mare

Creapy crawl, my tears flow

'gudup gudup'

My heart beats, like a racing horse

Like a drum filled with serpents and a human

So are a million words,

Trapped in my heart


"Say no word, lest you're judged"

Yet I get bitten the more I'm shut.

Soaked eyes like cotton in rain

But these tears are just symptoms


A bulb in my throat

Threatening to break

Like a bird overdue in it's shell


A wall over an athlete's space

A stronghold too powerful

Would this wall crack soon?

Beautiful tragedy

Aweful strategy

Commendable Prodigy

A wundakind female

A Prima Donna sewer

Whose words are seen as sewage

Properly disposed in a dumpage

With a grime dumpster

But this heart is

Blaring like a crashing cymbal

Blasting like a trumpet's tone

I wish it'd be soothing

Like a pianist's chord

Or healing like a violinist's flow

Not tormenting like a flutist's whistle

Succoring in tears,

I'll find breakthrough

Perhaps if I rip off the band-aid

Over my closed tongue

I would get some first-aid


©️ Sophy Bless, July 17, 2020.

Content created and supplied by: BlessSophy (via Opera News )

Creapy Ohoooo Sophy Bless


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