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"Yoga Is Not Biblical And Christians Should Not Participate" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

With the rising popularity of yoga and its controversies around its religious origins, Christians who are wanting to experience its benefits are often left wondering whether yoga is an activity they can participate or engage in.

The Senior Pastor of the Believer's LoveWorld, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shared his thoughts in an online broadcast about Yoga practice. 

Pastor Chris noted that Yoga was originated in India and it is based on Hindu doctrine. "Yoga is actually based on Hindu doctrine of some kind of meditation, that is achieved through discipline of the mind and body, and then try to concentrate in such a way as to project yourself spiritually and become sensitive spiritually" he said.

The renown clergyman said the Bible prescribed things that are permitted for a Christian to do, and one of it is meditation. He further added that, "The Bible tells us about meditation and in meditation he doesn't tell you about the condition of your body, even though all of that matters but meditation is not yoga. The practice is not biblical and Christians should not participate."

Different religious practices and even secular practices encourage “meditation" but Pastor Chris Oyakhilome noted that it all depends on what kind of meditation Christians are engaged in. He further explained, "For example, in every religion, people pray. So if you ask me 'Is prayer okay?' I'll say prayer is okay but it matters who you are praying to and by whose name you're praying. So, the yoga style is Hindu style and no Christian has any reason to do it that way. So do it God's way and you will get the benefits."

Here is the link to the VIDEO.

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