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5 Fruits You Should Eat Regularly To Maintain Good Eye Health As You Grow Older

Your overall health is dependent on so many factors, so much so that you need not slack in any aspect of preventive maintenance, many a time, it is about what we need to do other than what we need to avoid doing, and fruits are foods that we need to eat more frequently to improve our overall health, mind you, it goes both ways, eat foods that help maintain your health and avoid activities that would negatively affect it, in this case, I speak about eye health.

An illustration of the human eye, Photo Credit: Unsplash

The eye is the sense organ responsible for sight, so maintaining it should be a priority, making conscious efforts in terms of what we get exposed to, and what we consume should be a top priority. Having said this, there are certain nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that contribute immensely to how healthy our eyes are, they include

√ Zeaxanthin.

√ Beta-carotene.

√ Vitamin A.

Vitamin E.

Vitamin C.

√ Lutein.

√ Zinc.

√ Omega-3 fatty acids.

Photo Credit: The Daily Meal

Good eye health paves a way for better vision and eyesight, gradual healing of certain eye problems, also you can prevent many eye problems by consuming foods that help you maintain good eye health, some of these eye issues include

√ Poor night vision.

√ Glaucoma.

√ Age-related Macular Degradation (AMD).

√ Cataracts (cloudy vision).

√ Dry Eyes.

Photo Credit: iCare Family Vision

By eaten eye-healthy foods you tend to ward off these eye issues leading to better eye health as you grow older. I've talked about how eye health is important and how we should eat foods that can help maintain good eye health, so getting into the information below is the real deal, the fruits listed below are good fruits for maintenance of good eye health, check them out.

1. Almond.

Photo Credit: DNB stories

Almond is a nut and seed fruit (a drupe) and it is highly beneficial to eye health owing to its vitamin E content, recall the list of nutrients above, they help maintain good eye health and vitamin E makes the list. This is a call to eat adequate amount of almonds to get enough vitamin E to help maintain good eye health. Vitamin E works to prevent cataracts and macular degradation as a result of aging, these eye issues are great threats to our vision and general eye health.

2. Orange.

Photo Credit: Fruitrunner

Looking back at the nutrients that are beneficial to eye health, there is vitamin C, this vitamin is found in abundance in the popular citrus fruit, orange. Eating oranges give you vitamin C which helps kick against cataracts, it also helps the blood vessels in the eye stay healthy.

3. Guava.

Photo Credit:

Guava's role in eye health comes as a result of it containing vitamin A, the fruit is not the richest source of vitamin A, but it does its job perfectly. If you've heard of vitamin A before them I'm pretty sure you heard of its stronghold as regards eyesight, vision, and general eye health. Macular degradation and cataracts are well-known eye issues that can be prevented by consumption of vitamin A, another eye disease that vitamin A wards off is Xerophthalmia, which usually begins with night blindness. So, because this article is about fruits that help eye health, guava stands out as it contains vitamin A.

4. Kiwi.

Photo Credit: Times of India

Kiwi is a beautiful-looking fruit that has been tipped to help maintain eye health, kiwi performs this function by prevention macular degradation owing to its lutein and zeaxanthin composition, these are two carotenoids that help maintain good eye health.

5. Tomato.

Photo Credit: AARP

Tomato is a fruit, but it doesn't look like one to me because of how it is used to cook other foods, for example, stew, soups, jollof spaghetti, pizza, and more, I can conveniently say that tomato plays different roles in the world of foods, it is beneficial to our health in different ways, one of which is our eye health. Tomato contains lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein which immensely help prevent eye issues like Age-related Macular Degradation (AMD), cataracts, and light-induced damage.

Photo Credit: Fine Dining Lovers

In conclusion, eye health is important for so many reasons, nobody wants to lose their ability to see and it is key in our daily living as humans, do well to act according to what you've read above and watch your eyes stay healthy.

Sourced from Healthline,, Medical News Today

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