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Body Signs You Will Notice When Your Liver is Gradually Failing

The organs in a person's body have to work together for the body to work right. The liver is one of the most important parts of your body. Your liver gets rid of toxins from your body, makes bile to help you digest food, stores iron, and makes proteins for your body to use. When your liver starts to fail, it can be hard to tell because the signs of liver failure are often not clear.

According to healthline, if you are worried that your liver is slowly getting worse, there are many signs to look out for. It's important to remember that these could be signs of a failing liver, but they could also be signs of other health problems. So, if you have any of these symptoms, it's important to talk to your doctor to find out what's wrong.

If you're tired, it could be a sign that your liver is failing. Even after a full night's sleep, people with liver failure often feel very tired. This can make it hard for you to focus, keep you from getting things done, and make you less motivated. If you feel tired when you usually don't, it could be a sign that your liver is having trouble.

Dark urine is also a sign of liver failure. During some stages of liver failure, it is common for a person's urine to get darker.

This can happen if the body doesn't get rid of bilirubin well. Bilirubin is made when red blood cells break down on their own. If you have dark urine for a long time, it could be a sign that you need to talk to your doctor about the health of your liver.

People with liver failure may also see their skin or the whites of their eyes turn yellow. This is called jaundice, and it happens when bile doesn't get out of the body well. This yellowing may also be accompanied by itching as it is a known symptom of bile salt accumulation.

The abdomen or the limbs may swell up, which is another sign of liver failure. This happens when the liver can't get rid of extra water from the body. The feet, legs, and stomach can swell, and high blood pressure can happen at the same time.

If your liver is failing, you may feel pain in your upper right quadrant. When the liver is inflamed, this pain can start out as a dull ache and get worse. It's important to remember that this pain may come and go, but if it lasts longer than a few days, you should see a doctor.

If you see any changes in your stool, such as light or clay-colored stools, this may be a sign your liver is failing. This is because the liver isn't working properly. This is because the liver is not able to produce enough bile from the hepatic ducts, and this causes your stool to become lighter or grey in color.

Lastly, if you feel full after a small meal or even if you haven't eaten anything, it could be a sign that your liver is failing. This is because the liver can't help break down food like it used to, which makes it hard to absorb the same amount of food as before.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to speak to a physician as soon as possible. The sooner liver failure is found, the more steps can be taken to protect the liver from further damage. You and your health care team can figure out the best way for you to take care of your liver health.

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