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A write up about complacency, it is a killer disease that needs cure.

What does it mean to be be complacent? According to the English dictionary, the word 'Complacent' means;

  1. Uncritically satisfied with oneself or one's achievements; smug.
  2. Apathetic with regard to an apparent need or problem.

Easier put, I'll say complacency can be defined as a satisfaction in oneself and the acceptance of oneself to be good enough with no room to be better. It could also be seen as the unwillingness to try out new things or develop older things i.e skills, work etc.

You would agree with me that life is like a highway journey and a difficult one at that. As they say, every high level comes with a higher devil, no matter how tough or rosy it gets, there must be a need to be better, to do more, to grow but if complancency rests in ones bossom it would be difficult to achieve growth.

A complacent person is a smug, irritatingly satisfied with ones achievement thereby not rooting for greater things.

A complacent student would score an 'E' in an examination and would be satisfied.

A complacent worker might get a salary reduction or even a demotion due to late coming and/or other offences but would be satisfied and not strive to be better.

A complacent spouse or partner would keep repeating old mistakes, same mistakes the other partner had complained bitterly about without any desire to change or improve.

A complacent teacher would apply the same techniques on students year in, year out, even when the results from the students are poor.

A self-satisfied person is a mediocre with nothing special or unique to be traced with. Are you a mediocre?

With the rising rate of technology, knowledge, power etc, it wouldn't be harsh to say mediocrity is a killer disease. Why settle for an average when you could be excellent? Why sleep in hunger when you could rise in abundance? Why pride in nothing when you can be humble in something worthy?

What is your excuse for being complacent? List them. Rather than settle for the 'not so bad' results, you should change your approach to see if you'd stand a chance to be better.

As a man gets older, he must become wiser and unapologetically better. Research has shown that every human has at least 500 potentials deposited in them, there shouldn't be a point in ones life where you'll be totally contented with all that is happening around when there are hundreds of potentials waiting to be explored and master. Do not hide under the shadow of "a jack of all trades, master of none", who says you can't achieve mastery in many things? You must work on your believe system, what you believe is definitely what will work for you. If you can think it then you can be it.

Be always on your mark, getting set to go. Keep running, keep pushing, keep striving, always think of a better way out. You keep failing? That should be your greatest motivation to keep trying, tell yourself this; "I'll keep trying till I start winning and continue growing."

The greatest minds we have are not double-headed humans, they are ordinary people who sort alternative routes in their journeys.

I hope to see you better, at the top. Overtaking is permitted on the highway. Explore your potentials and experience a new level called "a better place".

Be inspired.

©️ Sophy Bless, 21 July, 2020

Content created and supplied by: BlessSophy (via Opera News )



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