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"Can He Still Get Flat Tommy Through Exercise " See People's Reaction On Instagram

Can he still get flat Tommy through exercise here are people's reaction on Instagram.

Exercise has been known for the remedy to get flat Tommy or reduce the size of Tommy and it has worked on many people who did it and there is a question that is going on after this man on Best was posted.

Belle fat can be caused by many things, it could be too much of beer, yes it causes Belle fat not just Belle fat it increases the size of ones Belle, it could be a Belle fat caused by sickness which released so much fat in his Tommy, it could also be too much of eating meat that contains fat.

Some of the above could cause Belle fat. But sometimes here in Nigeria when we see people with big Tommy we rate them as wealthy men but not all men with big Tommy are wealthy. Some are suffering from a serious sickness and you are imagining them to be a wealthy person.

Now do you think exercise can reduce the size of this belle. Just talking about the size reduction not even talking of getting six packs. He does not need that,

In my own opinion I would say that exercise won't reduce this Tommy no Matter how he does it, what he should do is to go to the hospital and run a test to know if it was caused by a sickness or if the fat in the Tommy could be reduced.

Now what if this was caused by excessive intake of beer. What he need to do is to stop taking beer then try to work on himself through exercise.

Now what is your own opinion on this, you can drop it in the comment section.

My advice to everyone that takes a lot of beer is to minimize the way he or her consumes beer

Now her the photo and people's reaction on Instagram.

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