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The 2 main risks of excessive Sugar consumption

Excessive consumption of sugar can cause serious damage to health, therefore, it is essential to control the amount of this product in the diet.

Currently, there is a large increase in the amount of sugar in the diet, not only directly, but also “hidden” in various foods, such as juices, soft drinks and cookies. According to the Ministry of Health, consumption of free sugar should be 10% of total calories, but the world's population exceeds this value by more than 50%.

→ Consequences

Emergence of cavities: according to some authors, bacteria use sugar to produce acids that damage the tooth. It is worth noting that sugar consumption alone is not responsible for caries, as it is also related to genetic factors and oral hygiene, for example.

→ Does sugar consumption cause diabetes?

The relationship between sugar and diabetes is quite widespread, however, it is not completely true. There are two types of diabetes, type 1, caused by genetic factors, and type 2 , which is also related to lifestyle. Weight gain contributes to the development of this last type, and the consumption of products rich in sugar is directly related to obesity.

→ What to do to prevent sugar from causing damage to the body?

To avoid damage to health, the recommendation is clear: reduce the amount of sugar ingested daily. For this, you must choose the foods to be consumed. It is worth remembering that the Ministry of Health's recommendations are that the consumption of sugars should not exceed 10% of the total energy value of the diet.

(Reference - Medical News Today)

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