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Government Workers Should Take Note Of This Important Information (Opinion).

It is important to note that the Nigerian Center For Disease Control have advised people to be careful and conscious of the recent pandemic disease.

Nigeria have confirmed more than 30000 cases of the recent pandemic disease and this is very dangerous to the nation.

Also, it's important to know that the Federal Government have not been reluctant towards the recent pandemic disease. They have made plans and policies that will help to curtail or reduce the spread of this disease.

In my own opinion, I will recommend that Government workers should take note of this important information. There are medical guidelines that they should strictly follo while working. These guidelines will protect them from contracting the recent pandemic disease. These guidelines were provided by the Federal Government in order to reduce the spread of the disease.

Below are some of the medical guidelines.

1) Practicing of social distancing in work places or public areas.

2) Washing of hands regularly with hand sanitizer.

3) Constant wearing of face masks while going out.

If you are a Government worker, kindly leave your comments below and share this article with your colleagues.

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