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Ladies, Here Are What The Colour Of Your Discharge Means

Our health matters a lot, good health keeps us alive and strong. Many women have been asking several questions about different health conditions they experience in their lives. And one of these questions is, "How do I know I have an infection or vaginal disease?"

Most girls find it hard to tell when they have a vaginal infection or not. Sometimes they have infections without knowing and they mostly discover they have an infection after it has eaten them deeply. Early detection aids successful treatment but when a lady fails to identify certain infections early, she may experience other medical complications.

There are various ways of detecting infections and vaginal diseases in a lady. But the simplest method is through vaginal excretion. Understanding the nature and colour of your vaginal discharge helps you in knowing your health status. A lady who understands this will be able to tell if she is having an infection or not. And if she is infected, she will quickly rush to the hospital for proper diagnoses and treatment. This will help prevent her health condition from worsening.

Every lady has to be careful with their health, it is required of them to always monitor their vaginal discharge. In monitoring the discharge, you will need a record book, where you will put down the colour of your discharge and all changes you have experienced. This will help to know the health condition attached to every discharge you experience and also help you in reducing the risk of some deadly infections.

The best technique of monitoring your vaginal discharge is through a careful look at the vaginal droplet on your underwear, you can also do this whenever you want to change your undies or when you take off your undies at the end of every day. You are not advised to insert your hands inside your vagina to check the nature of your discharge because this can infect your vagina with germs and bacteria from the hands.

Not using your hands to monitor your discharge aids you in promoting good hygiene and this will help to reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria all over your body.

A healthy woman must experience vagina secretions, this is because it helps the vagina to stay healthy and it also helps in washing out dangerous bacteria that are present in the vagina. In this article, I will be educating women on how they know when their vagina is healthy or not. We will also be discussing changes most ladies experience in their discharge and what the nature of their discharge says about their health. This medical piece will help in understanding the colour and nature of your discharge and also tells you what you should know about the colour of your vaginal excretion. Most women (adult and young) find it hard to explain what their discharge is saying about their health and most times they get confused not knowing how to improve their health.

Vaginal discharge is simply fluid that carries dead cells and bacteria out of the vagina to help keep it clean and prevent it from getting infected with germs and bacteria. Most times women experience changes in their discharge, they may notice an unpleasant odour from their discharge or changes in the colour of their discharge which can inform of white, green, yellow, or brown. Your vaginal discharge can change suddenly due to some factors like sexual arousal, ovulation, hormonal changes, pregnancy, or infections. After reading this article, you should be able to tell when vaginal discharge is healthy or unhealthy and when you need to see a medical doctor. If you are shy you go visit a gynecologist for proper counseling.

Here Are Different Colours Of Vaginal Discharge And What They Mean:

#1. White — you shouldn't get scared when your discharge is white. This colour of vaginal discharge is not harmful to your health. It may look like white, cloudy, or milky white liquid. When you notice such in your underwear, it means that your vaginal discharge is normal as far as you are not feeling any itching sensation. But if you notice a thick white in the discharge with an itching sensation around the virginal area it means you are having a vaginal yeast infection. This infection is not a life-threatening disease and can easily be treated with antifungal drugs but you should visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

#2. Clear and Stretchy — most ladies don't know when their body system is getting ready to ovulate. My dear, your body is preparing for this when you notice you are having a sticky or jelly-like discharge. During this period you will observe that your vaginal secretion is producing more cervical mucus and that there is constant egg white in your discharge. Especially when there is an increased estrogen. This means that when you notice this type of discharge you should be worried that you are suffering from infection or any other type of disease associated with the vagina.

#3. Clear and Watery — when you experience clear and watery discharge it shows that you are in your most fertile period. This indicates that you are body is ready to collect sperm from the male's organ. The slippery clear discharge aids in the easy collection of sperm from the vagina opening to the uterus. You can experience this type of discharge on certain occasions, especially when you are sexually aroused. Ladies who engage in physical exercises can also experience such virginal secretion during and after engaging in physical activities.

#4. Yellow or Green — every lady should be careful of this discharge. When you notice your vaginal discharge colour is yellow or green, it means you are not having a healthy vagina discharge, you should quickly consult your doctor because you may be suffering from a deadly infection which may be a sexually transmitted disease or infection like trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. This discharge usually comes with foul smells that can be easily perceived. In some cases, the color of your discharge can range from white, gray, yellow, to green. If you fail to detect this discharge at its early stage you may experience some visible signs and symptoms like vaginal burning, redness, and/or pain with urination and sex. In a more serious situation, you may experience pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, or fever depending on the disease has eaten you up. You should fail to rush to an approved medical center for better treatment.

#5. Brown — most times ladies don't pass out all the unwanted blood during their periods. Some of the unwanted blood can sit on the uterus or the vagina and changes its colour from light red to dark red or brown. The blood usually comes out slowly the next day or few days after seeing your period. You shouldn't feel bothered when you notice such a colour of discharge in your undies. The colour indicates old blood that has been sitting in the uterus has passed out through the vagina.

#6. Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge — if you have had unprotected sex before notice such discharge in your undies, it indicates that you may either be pregnant. Ladies experience spotting blood or brown discharge when they are ovulating/mid-cycle. Most times you notice this charge in early pregnancy. You are advised to go for a pregnancy test when you are experiencing such discharge.

#7. Pink discharge -- a lady may see pink vaginal discharge as part of her period or at other times throughout her menstrual cycle. It’s not necessarily a reason for concern. Pink discharge mostly occurs in ladies when blood mixes with cervical fluid when the fluid is coming out of the uterus. In some cases, this discharge may result in some health conditions, like a hormonal imbalance or infection.

Note: being able to identify the nature of your discharge helps you reduce the risk of being taken unaware of some vaginal medical conditions. This will also aid you in understanding your body system and identify changes in your body system. Learn to live healthily and maintain good vaginal hygiene.

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