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10 Best Foods to help you Gain Muscles

Foods to gain muscle mass are those rich in proteins such as meat, eggs and pulses such as beans and peanuts, for example. But in addition to protein, the body also needs a lot of energy and good fats, which are found in foods like salmon, tuna, and avocados.

These foods help give more energy for training and make proteins available for muscle building, helping to generate muscle hypertrophy.

-10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

The best foods to gain muscle mass that cannot be lacking in a diet for hypertrophy are:

-Chicken: it is rich in protein and easy to be used in both main meals and snacks;

-Meat: All meats are rich in protein and iron, nutrients that stimulate hypertrophy and increase the amount of oxygen in the muscles;

-Salmon: in addition to protein, it is rich in omega 3, a good fat with an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps in muscle recovery;

-Egg: in addition to being a great source of protein, it also contains iron and B vitamins, which improve the oxygenation of muscles and favor their growth;

-Cheeses: especially high-fat cheeses, such as mines and rennet, as they greatly increase the calories in the diet and are also rich in protein;

-Peanuts: rich in proteins and B-complex vitamins, in addition to antioxidants that favor post-workout muscle recovery;

-Tuna: rich in omega-3 and easy to use, it is a source of proteins and good fats that can be used in snacks or post-workout;

-Avocado: an excellent source of good calories and fat, increasing the amount of energy and antioxidants in your diet. It can be added to the lunch salad or in pre- or post-workout smoothies;

-Milk: rich in proteins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, important minerals to stimulate muscle contraction and increase training performance;

-Beans: great source of vegetable protein, it is even richer when consumed with rice in main meals, as it provides a good combination of amino acids for the muscles.

The ideal in a diet to gain muscle mass is that all meals have good sources of protein, being necessary to include foods such as cheese, eggs, yogurt and meat in snacks. This strategy provides a good amount of amino to the muscles throughout the day, favoring hypertrophy.

These foods are easy to include in your daily diet and should be consumed along with good sources of carbohydrates, such as rice, wholemeal pasta, fruits and wholemeal bread.

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