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11 Uses of Condom that You Probably Never knew

Commonly, condoms are known as contraception. Yet there are several other unknown uses of condoms in latest discoveries and reviews. 

A South African health page published in January 2014 about how many elderly people in South Africa are using the lubricant in condoms to relieve their arthritis.

Despite no existing clinical evidence that it can assist, they insisted that rubbing into affected areas on a daily basis does indeed make a difference. 

So, this raised concerns about what other condom uses could be. Ten more of those uses would be identified in this very article.

1. The lubricant is especially good for dry hair.

2.To stop your cell phone from getting soaked while you are out when it rains or walks.

3. To Clean CDs.

4. Polishing your trainers and your boots.

5. As water globes or for holding water.

6. Filled with ice and frozen in packaging to use as ice packs.

7. When it's pouring over a gun barrel-you wouldn't even have to pull it off to fire.

8. To stop washing the hook off bait while trawling for trout. Just pull the condom over the bait after it's placed on the hook. Break off the ends and, voila!.

9 Used as a condom while underwater to guard from tiny catfish called candiru which are drawn to blood and urine (and like to move up the urethra).

10. Like catapult

The eleventh use was mentioned earlier, the lubricant is used to treat arthritis.

Do you know any other weird use of condom? The comment section are open for any not so regular use of condom that you know.

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