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What you need to know about fast and slow growing broilers

Fast and Slow Growing Broilers.

Lately I have been asked to name companies that produce fast growing broilers after my last Post about the fast and slow growing broilers.

My answer is its not my place to tell. Make your findings and decide which you prefer. Meanwhile would love us to know both types have their unique features.

Fast growing broilers needs a shorter period of time to attain market size, while slow growers require longer period.

Fast growing broilers are prone to have leg problems due to their rapid increase in Weight, which supplementing calcium can take care of that. Slow growing broilers do not have this problem as the grow at a steady pace and hence their legs can carry their body weight.

Slow growing broilers are more disease resistant than fast growing broilers. Therefore do not need intensive care as fast growing broilers.

Fast growing broilers have more breast meat than slow growing broilers.

Fast growing broilers may consume more feed at a shorter period of time to attain market size compared to slow growing broilers.

Slow growing broilers may have internal organ failures or problems (sudden death syndrome) if overfed.

Most slow growing broilers can roam while fast growing broilers may not survive extended exposure to roaming.

As a Farmer weigh your options and decide which you prefer. The good news is; you still make profit from either of them.

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