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"I agreed to have my 2 years old daughter injected with something to increase her weight". (Fiction)

I don't know what came over me, I don't know what got into me, I have ruined the life of my young daughter by listening to the wagging tongues of my neighbors.

I am Bose, a 28 year old and a mother of one. My daughter is currently 2 years old. We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. We aren't exactly financially bouyant but we are doing averagely well. When I newly put to birth, my daughter was low in weight. However, with time she became plumpy and lovely to behold. Shortly after she turned a year old, she started to loose weight gradually.

She was feeding well, she was never the troublesome type, she was all healthy but I was greatly worried about her reduction in weight.

My mum told me that it was normal, that I was like that too, but most of my neighbors began to gossip about us. Sometimes they do say that perhaps I'm not feeding her well. They've given me all kind of suggestions on meals, I tried them but my daughter wasn't improving in weight.

People began to think that perhaps we were poor or suffering. 

The talks got too much and I decided to visit a nearby chemist to suggest something for me to use for her. The Man I met there told me about an injection that'll make my baby plumpy, I immediately gave my consent and he started the injections for my baby immediately.

Gradually she started to increase weight again, I was so happy as people started to say nice things again about us. She kept on increasing and increasing and I decided to stop the injections after a week.

However my daughter kept on adding more weight, it was becoming another issue again. I went back to the man and he said the weight gain should have stopped since the injections stopped too.

He said she'll get back to normal, that I should be patient. My daughter was literally becoming obese. I had to seek a professional advice on what to do. I was at first afraid of telling the doctor what I had done, he examined her and said she seems perfectly fine, but I knew she isn't.

Sometimes I do starve her, but it isn't helping either. I'm confused, what can I do to help my young girl? She's getting fatter and fatter everyday to an extent that moving from one place to another is becoming difficult for her, I'm afraid of telling the doctor the truth!


As much as the above story is fictitious, we as parents often times put our little ones in danger due to "what people are saying". Be careful with your little ones, as long as they're feeding fine, let them be!

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