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Opinion: How you can get a grip on Reality before it affects you physiologically

Conciousness and Reality! One's first thought would be what's the difference? But on a closer look a thin line of difference can be detected...

Consciousness means a state of awareness while reality can mean the tangible that is around us - depending on the context of course- different situation, people or profession can give it their meaning.

Looking at these two concepts in relation to anxiety, your consciousness has a lot to do with this. When you're conscious you're able to control the level of anxious thought that comes to you regardless of whatever your reality is.

Let's take an example, your reality is something not encouraging but this is life and you need your conciousness to face that reality, if you don't you are likely to start feeling anxious and thought of the situation getting out of control starts assailing you. Now you need to take a deep breath, be conscious of your surrounding, check out that unseemingly dirt in your carpet , take timout to clean it out and give yourself the BOLD TALK. Yes the bold talk, its that attitude of I can make it no matter the circumstances.

Now the example doesn't exactly apply to everyone and every situation but the Bold talk definitely works.

Reality doesn't have to affect you so much, take care...

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