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Evan O'Neil kane, The incredible Doctor who performed surgery on himself.

Self surgery, is the act of performing a surgical procedure on your self. How risky do you think this is? For someone to cut his stomach open, seeing your intestines, blood and much more. And still will have the courage to go ahead to perform a surgery on yourself.

Just like Dr Evan O'Neil kane, who was a pioneer. in the Medical profession and chief surgeon of New York city's kane summit hospital. All what Dr kane, wanted to do was to prove to the world that general anesthesia was often unnecessary for minor oppositions.

So Dr kane, went ahead and used himself as a test case. were he operated on himself taking out his own Appendix. Using only local anesthetic. Dr kane, went to the operating room propped himself on the operating table.

Dr kane, used a mirror which was placed over his abdomen. so that he'll be able use the reflection from the mirror in other to operate on himself. 3 doctors, were their with Mr kane. in the operating room. as a backup plan incase if things should go side ways. they'll be able to take over and fix him up.

Kane made the large incision needed to, removed the appendix, and his assistants patch him up. This was before new techniques allowed doctors to make small Band Aid size incisions for Appendix.

In 1932, at the age of 70, Dr kane, performed another surgery on himself to repair an inguinal hernia. It's seems like this Man is enjoying it. Him playing with his life operating on himself.

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