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Boil Orange Leaves And Drink It To Treat These Health Problems

Ignorance has kept many Nigerians in problem and poverty and that is what I am here to address today. There are many herbs around you that you don’t even know their functions. So many people run to the hospital and even Native doctors to help them but to no avail. Some even spend large amount of money for their problems but no result.

Your might know orange to be a very amazing fruit but you might not know that the leaves are also wonderful. That is what I bring to you today, so stop wasting your money for no reason.

I will be showing you how to use orange leaves alone and fight some stubborn disease.

How to prepare.

1.    Get some quantity of orange leaves and wash very well to remove the dirts on them.

2.    Crush those orange leaves you have washed into boiling water you put on fire.

3.    Let it boil for about 5 minutes them remove from fire and allow it to cool.

4.    Filter out the orange leave juice and add some quantity of milk to give it taste.

How to use.

Take at least one cup very early in the morning before breakfast and late in the night before bed.

Some of the problems it solves include.

1.    It goes to a very large extent in fighting stroke. it also prevents it.

2.    It reduces high blood pressure.

3.    For those suffering from insomnia and stress, it fights this.

4.    It eliminates toxins from the body.

5.    It burns calories thus fighting overweight.

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