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Skin Care

Ways Of Dealing With Sanitary Pad Rashes During Your Menstruation

After experiencing excruciating period cramps for days, itchy rashes are the last thing you want down there. While it is relatively frequent, it is extremely unpleasant. Contact dermatitis is the most common cause of pad rash. This merely signifies that your skin was exposed to an allergy. The good news is that once you've identified the origin of the rash, you'll be able to avoid it in the long run.

If you've had pad rash during your menstruation, consider these tips the next time:

1. Change Often

Although some brands claim you may use one pad for up to 8 hours, you may want to do better and replace it more often. Of course, your flow should dictate how frequently you change your pad. Even if you do not have a heavy flow, you should not use the same pad for an extended period of time since this can cause pad rash.

2. Aviod Tight Clothes

Even if you are not on your period, you should avoid wearing tight underwear for the sake of your vaginal health. It's especially important when you're on your period. Wear flexible fabric and loose-fitting clothes to avoid overheating and sweating, which can cause pad rash.

4. Aviod Scented Pads

Pad rash is typically caused by allergic reactions. So, while you may desire to smell nice, scented pads may not be suitable for your private area.

3. Change Brand

Because our skin reacts differently to different substances, one person's skincare cream may be toxic to your skin. Try switching to a different brand of sanitary pads to see whether the problem persists.

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