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4 Signs A Person May Be Suffering From HIV/AIDs That Should Not Be Taken For Granted

HIV is a deadly virus that is capable of causing irreparable problems for a human being. According to medical experts, once the virus gets into a person's body, it first of all attacks and destroys the Immune System or the CD4 cells. When these cells are damaged, the body now finds it literally impossible to fight diseases, thus the host starts developing all kinds of diseases which eventually culminates in death.

So, everyone should be watchful and also careful as HIV/AIDs can also be contracted from blood transfusion, sharing of sharp objects and many other places other than sexual intercourse with an infected person. In this article for the sake of enlightenment, we are going to have a look at some of the signs a person may be suffering from HIV/AIDs that should not be taken for granted. Just sit tight and enjoy this piece whilst learning something new.

What Are The Signs A Person Could Be Suffering From HIV/AIDs?

1. Swollen Lymph Nodes; this is actually the first or rather initial signs pointing to the fact that a person might be suffering from HIV/AIDs. If you start noticing lymph nodes in your neck and armpit especially after having unprotected Intercourse with someone or even sharing sharp objects with someone, you may have contracted the virus and the earlier you get checked the better for you.

2. Night Sweats; this is another sign a person might be HIV positive. If you start having episodes of night sweats even under cold weather and condition, you might have contracted the virus. Though there are other health problems that can cause a person to have several episodes of night sweats but if yours is accompanied by swellings in the armpit and neck, you're most certainly suffering from HIV/AIDs and must run a test and also commence possible treatments.

3. Sudden Rashes On Your Body; this is another sign a person might be suffering from HIV/AIDs. Most people who have come in contact with the virus often develop rashes within the few weeks of contracting it. This is called the HIV Rash and is often a cause for concern as doctors have to prescribe some medications to get it off your skin. So once you start seeing sudden rashes on your body that are red in colour, do well to see a doctor especially if you had sexual intercourse with someone you're not so familiar with.

4. Unexplained Weight Loss; this is another sign a person may be suffering from HIV. Sometimes even after contracting the virus, you might still not notice any signs but one thing that will be happening to you is unexplained Weight Loss. If you start losing weight for no just cause or clear reason even though you have not changed your diet plan, you might need to run some tests as it could also be due to other dangerous or life-threatening ailments.

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