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Check Out 10 Unhealthy Things We Have Been Doing Wrong

There are some routines in life that we just follow daily and not asking whether or not if they are correct. And continuous engagement in doing these activities in the wrong way is dangerous to our health. Below are some of the things we have been doing wrong.

1. Wearing Our Ear Piece.

Many people are fond of using earpieces either for listening to music or watching a movie, but the truth is that many people don't know how to wear earpieces properly.

As shown in the photos below the best way is to wrap it around the ear and put it upside down.

2. Peeling Of Bananas.

Some don't even care about how they peel their bananas all they are after is to eat it but there is a proper way of peeling your banana. You don't peel your banana from the stalk but instead, you peel it from the opposite end.

3. Squatting.

Many women love doing this exercise because it helps increase their Hips and buttocks, but many of them have been doing it wrongly the best way to do squatting is by going down completely rather than sitting on the air.

4. Washing Of Blender.

It is so sad that some people have to loosen their blenders and wash the inside of them after using them this is wrong, what you need to do is to put some water and a little liquid soap and then blend it. This makes the blender clean automatically.


5. Holding A Glass Of Wine.

It is funny how people hold a glass of wine, some use their whole hand to grab it but the right or proper way is to use your forefinger and thumb to hold it.

6. How to eat apples.

When people are hungry they eat apples as it pleases them. You don't just eat apples anyhow because you feel like eating them, the best way to eat apples is not to eat them from side to side but to eat it from top to bottom.

7. Press-ups

Not everyone knows how to do press-ups properly. In press-ups, your body must lie straight and pressure must be exerted to your abdomen and arms.

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