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How to maintain a healthy life as a woman

The health of a woman is very paramount and as such should be given special attention. It would be completely without sense for a woman to want a free style life like the male counterpart. It is not just absurd but unhealthy for her if the right steps and measures are not taken.

While growing up as a young lady, I was constantly advised on how I should walk, talk, and even sit and sleep. At some point I thought my mum was just over burdening me or perhaps she was making me feel less of a human compare to my brothers. As I grew older, it came to me as a light that I was far greater than I thought. I understood clearly all her training and why.

It would be a surprising thing to hear that females are being subjected to rigorous advises and restrictions because of stereotypes but I do not find it that way. I see that a lady is priceless and as such all her steps must be nursed by a good trainer to completely come out in the public in such a way a man would but feel he is lucky to have her.

Most ladies feel a man is doing them favour by marrying them. They made it a point of prayer and even responsibility to always do things that are close to worshiping a man when on the other hand they deserve better.

If you are a lady and you want a good and health life, practice the following healthy life styles:

1. Good food: every woman should practice a good feeding habit. The urge for fatty and pasteries should be reduced. Heavy food after six in the night or evening is not good for your health. She or you should avoid pizza and the families.

2. Alcohol and drugs: a woman must fight against that spirit that wants to corrupt and destroy their healthy life. The intake of alcohol and drugs could destroy a woman forever.

An addiction could lead to financial problems as they waste money on drugs. It could also leads to prostitution especially when there is no money to pay for your drugs, you tend to start sleeping with men for free drugs or money to get them.

3. Smoking: I separated drugs from smoking for various reasons. I have met several ladies who does only shisha and would tell you it is not drug. Shisha is a very dangerous drug that affects your heart, lungs and circulation of your blood. A woman must avoid such.

4. Beware of public toilet and bathroom. To avoid infections, a woman should always avoid such places or if need be, should exercise absolute care when using it.

5. Healthy lifestyle during menses: a lady should practice good hygiene during and after her menses. She should not be dirty and unkept.

6. Proper dressing: like the saying goes, you are addressed the way you dress, every woman should dress properly . it speaks more for you than anything.

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