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"Is our health sector working?" See the only country in Africa that is malaria free.

Malaria is a very deadly disease, that most Nigerians take very likely, some do say "we are used to it" but seriously how can one be used to a disease.

Malaria is a disease that is caused by female anopheles mosquito and is indigenous to Africa and mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa.

So this country in Africa not Nigeria, come to think of it "is our health sector working?" I do ask my self this question all the time, because we claim "Gaint of Africa" and we are yet to do some basic things that will show we are actually giant of Africa. Because most states in Nigeria are yet to get constant light, before you then talk of good hospitals and awareness over prevention and cure of malaria.

Algeria will forever be seen as a suprise success because it is in Africa, with low basic amenities and where the burden of malaria is heaviest. Africa mostly the sub Sahara suffered 90% of an estimated 219 million cases worldwide as of three years ago.

Malaria parasite was first discovered in Algeria in humans about over hundred years ago. Since when Algeria experience the toughest period in battling the disease, it has now been a life experience in handling any situation.

WHO regional director in Africa in the name of Dr Matshidiso Moeti in his words say "Now Algeria is a point of example to the rest of the African countries that malaria can be eradicated through country leadership, sound investment, courageous actions, adequate medical facilities."

So I believe we Nigeria as a country we should learn from a country like Algeria who without help conquered malaria. And at this point in time in Nigeria we will need it.

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