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Effects Of Drinking Red Wine On People With High Blood Sugar (Diabetes)

Did you know that red wine consumption may have both positive and negative effects on the body of a person with type 2 diabetes? While red wine is consumed for various reasons, such as for its taste and health benefits, it may also have potential risks for diabetics. However, moderate consumption of red wine by diabetics could have positive consequences.

Ingesting red wine may lead to lower morning fasting blood sugar levels and improved post-meal blood sugar levels, According to healthline. This effect persists regardless of how well the patient's diabetes is managed. Contrary to popular belief, red wine consumption could also make the body more sensitive to insulin.

Moderate consumption of red wine by diabetics may also help reduce the risk of heart disease when blood sugar levels are properly controlled. Consuming one glass of red wine per day is considered moderate usage, while excessive consumption can have negative effects on health.

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