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Months After Nigeria Man Caught A Blue Marlin Fish, Man Catches Another Big Fish In Gambia

Nigeria a great country located on the western coast of Africa is one of the most notable and respected countries in Nigeria.

Nigeria is also a blessed country most people doesn't know this, well I must say we're blessed in all areas but we just prefer suffering each other, I just wish God can touch our leader's heart by changing the way things are, and make Nigeria great again for everyone to enjoy peacefully.

Months ago a Local Nigerian Man caught A Huge fish, A blue marlin Fish to be precise, at River State, well if this man knew the worth then his life would have transformed totally. There is a popular saying "Opportunity comes but once, when it comes to grab it without hesitating, and don't dull because it might be your last" well we don't know what to call it but this man kindness denied him 2.6 million dollars, but I think if he knew the value then he would have protected this precious fish with his whole life and sold it.

Well, people blasted him after it was said he ate the fish with his villagers before the news got to him.

Another news happened like that well this was a different fish but No one knew the name, Nigerians reacted to the news that this man should check well he knew nothing but ate it as usual, lo and behold this fish worth some millions.

So for this young man to not make the same mistake because another fish was caught in the Gambia, I think the blessings have moved up to the Gambia, it was a great catch at Palma Rima Beach by this young man.

According to reports a Man caught a huge fish, well the fish looks like kote or Crocker fish but we can't say precisely. Let take a look at the pictures of this huge whose skin looks like a crocodile. This fish reminded Nigerians immediately of the people who once made mistake, for this man not to follow their path, by eating up this fish, but he should ask for the price of this fish if it's worth Millions.

Well, two Nigerians Reacted by sending a huge warning to him not to make mistake by eating it, Read What they both had to say.

Well, I think they're right, but let check out other Reactions from Nigerians.

What your thoughts on this, do you know the price of this fish, or how much it can be sold?

Drop your opinions below.

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