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To Avoid Cancer You Need To Stop Taking These 8 Common Things We Take Often In Nigeria

Cancer is one of the most deadly sickness in the universe. In every ten only about three to four survives cancer. Its treatment is very costly. It is treatable in the early stages, but in the advanced stage, it is very difficult to treat. Most people discovers it late. 

Why not do the best you can to prevent such. There are many causes of cancer but some are preventable when you know what to do and what to avoid.

1. Alcohol: According to CancerCentre, the body metabolizes alcohol to produce acetaldehyde that might affect DNA structure leading to cancer. 

The National Toxicology Program of the US department of Health and Human Services, after making research on cancer, list consumption of alcoholic drinks as a known cause of cancer. 

The more a person drinks alcohol the higher the risk of developing cancer of the head and neck, or oesophageal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer etc 

If you must take, limit yourself.

2. Processed Meat: No one is stopping you from eating meat. But you need to stop taking processed meats such as sausage, hot dogs. 

Any meat that have been preserved or flavoured with preservatives, was fermented, smoked you must avoid. 

If you see a canned meat run away from it. International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC), has listed processed meat to increase the risk of colon cancer. IARC is a body of world Health Organisation.

3. Red Meat 

IARC also listed red meat to increase the risks of cancer - meat such as pork, horse, lamb, goat. Just limit the intake of red meat. You can always exchange meat with fish, chicken. 

Don't eat red meat always 

4. Microwave Popcorn: From research, the bag of microwave popcorn contains chemicals such as the perfluorooctanoic acid. A chemical linked to not only cause infertility but cancer. Also, diacetyl a chemical used in making popcorn is also linked to cancer. 

5. Beverages (popularly Called minerals in Nigeria): European Food Safety in their research studies, discovered that aspartame, sucralose, saccharin a common artificial sweeteners increases the chances of cancer.

No matter how addicted you are to beverages, reduce it intake.

6. Canned Tomatoes: Due to the perishable nature of tomatoes, factories have found a way to preserve tomatoes. But it comes with a fault.The preservation method used is harmful to health and post the risks of cancer.

7. White Floor: It increases the chances of breast cancer. This was published in the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology. The whitish colour of floor is obtained by bleaching using chemicals.

8. Tobacco: It causes cancers such as lung cancer, esophageal, mouth cancer etc 

It is painful not to take what you are already addicted to, but it's necessary to limit their intake for health reasons. 

If you usually take alcohol daily, reduce it. 2-3 a week will be OK. Beverages (minerals) will be tough to stop, just reduce the frequency of intake by half. 

Apart from cancer, most of the things mentioned above causes other health problems.

What's your thought on the topic? Do have other additions? Comment below. 

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