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Stop Saying "Rice And Stew Very Plenty" Here Is The Correct Meaning Of RSVP.

Acronyms are abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.

After conducting some research to know the actual meaning of the acronym RSVP, i went extral miles to ask some people whom i come in contact with if they know the meaning of the acronym RSVP, and to my greatest surprise majority of them said RSVP means "Rice and stew very plenty".

To me I believe most people i asked for the meaning of RSVP said "Rice and stew very plenty",because the acronym RSVP is usually written at a wedding card, and as we all know when it comes to wedding eating it rice and stew is very constant.

But the correct Meaning of RSVP in English is "Please Respond" to require confirmation of an invitation.

RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond" to require confirmation of an invitation. The initialism "RSVP" is no longer used much in France, where it is considered formal and a bit old fashioned.

Dear readers now that you have known the correct meaning of RSVP to be Please Respond to confirmation of an invitation, please stop saying Rice and Stew Very Plenty.

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English RSVP phrase Répondez the 


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