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This thing of Smoking Before going to Work it's Risky, Yesterday i Nearly Fired my Boss, 40+ Memes

- Anty if you want to bleach, bleach with sense na don't come and be looking like traffic light green vein yellow face red neck.

- Those people looking at themselves in the mirror; do you mean you do forget yourself?

- How countries beg for Bread

America:"Pls, can I have some?

England: "Mind if I have a bite?

Nigeria:"Bros abeg, that bread soft?

- Sad Mood, My Friend Just Brokeup With A Girl That Normally Bring Us Food.

- You scored 48 in jamb and you want to study medicine, you are not even qualify to be a native doctor.

- Our Parents Like Comparing Us With Our Mates As if Dangote Is Not Their Mate..I Hate Nonsense.

- The reason why you don't know most of your relatives is because you are not rich, make money and see them introduce themselves

- My neighbor was looking for His phone, instead of him to Ask me first, he travel to see A native doctor, is it good Like that?

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