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Everything you need to know about Addiction

Human being is a creature of pleasure and go miles to search for happiness and comfort. The human soul, mind and body work collectively to suite man personal interest and maintain his favourite.Man do stick to a particular routine and practices that gives him pleasure and relief stress. During a particular thing often times can lead to addiction and the Brain will always long for it either good or bad. The mental structure relies on the pleasure gotten from such practices or routine to work effectively. In this senerio saying addiction is a brain disorder is not an exaggeration. There is a clear difference from having passion for something and been addicted to something. Passion will drive you to perform a particular task, while addiction will enslave you to it. 

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Many people are addicted and a slave to taking many stimulant to trigger excessive mental action. Some are entangled to some illicit practices while some are struck up with certain routine.

 you love doing something, mostly to gain pleasure, you so love it that you can't stay without it, you are already addicted to such a thing or practice. Addiction etymology relation to Latin reveals that it means been enslave to something or bound to something. It's a damage to the brain and a pretty disorder. I will quickly highlight 2 major misconception and steroetype about addiction that need review.

1. Once an addict is forever an addict: This dumb label needs to be erased, once someone is addicted to something or a particular exercise to gain breakthrough is attainable. If an addict intelligence is ready and truly desire Deliverance, his problem is half-solved. He can simply attain full freedom by walking up to a therapist or undergo a self discipline.

2.Only men are addict: This notion is ever false, addiction is not restricted to certain gender both male and the female get struck to a particular routine. A study reveals that female that used painkillers increase by 400% from 1999 to 2010.

The biology of addiction

The scientist believe that addiction is a long lasting disease, even if an addict successfully escape an addiction their is a high chance of it returning. Addiction take over the sensitive control larger percentage neurons in the brain. Addiction hijacked the brain in essence that if you refuse to perform these attractive behaviors, your brain will send some message to your entire body that make you feel stressed and unrest. Most addict mostly take their addictive exercise to resist their brain reaction s.

Psychology of addiction

There Is always an emotional stress, and a psychology re-action that cause these addictive behaviors. Someone might be suffering from a psychological pain which later lead to taking some substances to curb it. People usually get struck to a particular addictive behavior to cure a psychological irregularities. The science of addiction evolve around these three structures.

1. Psychological- The emotional accident

2. Biochemistry- Neuro adaptation

3. Biological-    physical response.

All humans are prone to addiction, either good or bad behaviors

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