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Here Is One Common Habits People Do When In The Toilet That Can Lead To Infection And Health Risks.

To reduce the risk of illness, avoid this typical toilet practice. Many individuals certainly take their phones to the bathroom with them, but studies suggest this is risky.

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Before heading into the toilet with their phone, most individuals do not give it much thought. Experts warn that this one practice can make people more susceptible to infectious infections and cause major health problem. Here are the healths problems.

1. It can increase your susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Bathrooms, of all the spaces in your house, are one of the germiest. Germs and bacteria can be found on everything in your bathroom, including the faucet, hand dryer, and doorknob. As a result, when you put your phone in there, it comes into contact with faecal microorganisms. When you wipe yourself, touch the flush handle or door lock, and then touch the phone, this can happen. According to a study published in the Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials, 95% of healthcare professionals' cellphones were infected with germs such as salmonella, E. Coli, and C. Difficile.

2. Cell phones are a source of germs.

Researchers has discovered that smartphones contain ten times the amount of bacteria found in toilet bowls. The issue is that we wipe our hands after using the restroom but not our phones. As a result, disease-causing germs and bacteria adhere to them and can easily infect them. When you leave your phone outside or text, bacteria and viruses on it come into contact with various parts of your body and surface.

3. It Cause stress and anxiety.

You are endangering your brain and health by taking your phone into the toilet. Some people even have trouble evacuating their bowels as a result of this. Technology has simplified our lives, but it has also become a source of anxiety and stress. The more you use it, the more anxious you will become.

4. It can place additional strain on your *nus.

People who bring their phones to the bathroom spend more time there than the average person. Squatting for an extended period of time causes undue tension on the *nus, which can cause pelvic pain, edema, and bleeding. Sitting on the toilet for an extensive period can also cause haemorrhoids.

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